Advent of Code 2023


Getting back to C++

I just came to know all this advent calender thingy during my second christmas living in the north hemisphere. In this about to end year of 2023, I finally got introduced to the advent of code by my current team mate @malukenho.

As we are both interested in learning (or relearning) C++ and have been solving leetcode everyday using it, we decided to team up and solve the advent of code 2023 in this languange together with the idea of publishing our progress onto our blogs.

So, check out @malukenho’s progress at his blog and mine bellow:

          01 02
03 04 ** 06 07 08 09
** ** ** ** ** ** **
** ** ** ** ** ** **
** **          

All the code will be publised at In order to solve the challenges, I will be using TDD… of course, what would you expect from me? :D

I gotta say that TDD is not the most fittable approach to solve this kind of problem, specially because this code will never change once it finishes and, therefore, no real benefit will come out of the extra time invested when developing. Anyway, TDD will help me (1) find my way around C++, (2) write my first tests in the language, and (3) create some content on the topic which might be useful for some starters.

May the bits be ever in your favor